ETERNALE - The Science Of Conscious Beauty

Quantum Physics Meets Cosmetics Science

How can this be? For eons, Cosmetic science has been promoting Beauty Enhancement with natural remedies and substances. More recently, synthetic compounds have been added in the effort to maximize beauty-enhancing effects. As well as these cosmetics have worked for many, they still are working with the body from a very limited, materialist perspective. Modern science has now fully embraced Einstein's observation that matter and energy are made of the same 'stuff' and are interchangeable. Therefore, nothing is purely material, including physical bodies.

The science of Homeopathy has enjoyed hundreds of years of successful validation that the body responds well to purely energetic information delivered via Nature's finest communication media: water! It stands to reason that water-based cosmetic formulations can also be used to carry valuable energetic anti-aging and beautifying effects to the body.

Quantum Physics Meets Cosmetics Science

If you have seen Dr. Emoto's photos, you can see how water molecules carry and transfer energy and information. Water can be easily 'programmed' with an electromagnetic signal delivered by field-generating technology. Eternale™ has breakthrough organic products with specific frequencies held in their water base to amplify the anti-aging and beauty enhancing qualities of the formulas. In addition, Eternale has their original organic products that can be personally infused with frequencies essences' from technologies such as the Cybernetic loop devices and of course our Eternale™ Beauty Device.

Experience for yourself the vast difference that truly multi-dimensional Skin Care products can produce. Bring out your true Beauty which radiates from the Real You within!'

For those who purchase Indigo or Eternal device, FREE Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced training by Dr. Violetta Anninos

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Join the Revolution…Get the Technology for Ageless Beauty

Introducing the Eternale™ Beauty System, the first of its kind—an easy to use, energetic tool that helps to create a more radiant you.

Choose from three simple options to rejuvenate your mind and body. Let the Eternale Beauty System do all the work as you sit back, relax, and listen. Allow your body's wisdom and intelligence to accept exactly what you need to correct imbalances and restore peace and beauty to your being.

Whether you have 30 minutes or longer you can now begin to restore cellular (body, and mental (emotional) well-being and beauty effortlessly.

The Science of Conscious Beauty begins with awareness and taking positive actions Use the Eternale™ Beauty System to guide your mind and body back to balance peace, harmony..... and ultimately your True and Radiant Beauty.

Eternale™ Beauty System suitable for:

  • Energy Restoration
  • Anti-Aging
  • Stress Reduction
  • Environmental Stressors
  • Face & Beauty
  • Weight Management
  • Skin & Hair
  • Body Scan & Reshape

Eternale User Guide

Beauty, Consciousness, Belief and Retraining are essentials in re-creating ourselves as we wish. The EternaleTM Beauty System was designed for those who are interested in taking time out to eliminate stress and chaos from their lives and who desire to replace them with harmony and the ability to make the best choices daily.

4 simple pillars create the foundation of the EternaleTM way to beauty:

Consciousness – Belief – Retraining – Beauty

We begin with Consciousness, a simple and complex concept that is key to empowerment. Real beauty is feeling good about ourselves which in turn radiates beauty on the outer level, the physical body and ultimately throughout our lives.

Next we need to examine or begin the process of letting go of thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us. Our over-saturated, over-stimulated lifestyle and the day-to-day challenges do not allow us let go of these beliefs. This is where The EternaleTM Beauty System can gently retrain the mind and body with bioacoustics and intuitive technology.

Each day our quantum canvas is blank. The EternaleTM Beauty System gently retrains you to transport yourself to a place of tranquility and contentment, a place of balance and harmony with nature...pure Beauty. In other words, when you feel good, you look good.

At the Eternale™ Beauty System you can see the following:

  • V = Voltage. How are your overall energy levels? Do you feel wired and "switched on" all the time, and/ or are you feeling drained with little energy left?
  • A = Amperage. How well are you sleeping and feeling emotionally? (serotonin)
  • R = Resistance. How well do you feel that the energy flows throughout your body? Do you feel or hold tension in one area more than others, or do any parts of your body feel like "dead zones"?
  • Η = Electrical hydration. How well do you think you absorb water? Do you drink enough clean, mineralized water, or are you thirsty most of the time? What is the quality of the water you drink, and did you know that good hydration can contribute to radiant skin and wellness?
  • O = Oxygenation and Oxidation. Do free radicals in polluted air cause you to not want to breath deeply? Do you practice deep diaphramic breathing and did you know that this can help you feel oxygenated and relaxed? Did you know that shallow breathing can be a side effect of stress?


Now you can choose either the 25 MINUTE SESSION or 55 MINUTE SESSION, as well as deciding if you would like music only without the guided relaxation imagery.

If you choose the 25 MINUTE SESSION, the device will automatically go through the first 4 programs fully. You will begin with ENERGY RESTORATION then will move onto YOUTHFULNESS and from there, STRESS REDUCTION and finalizing with ENVIRONMENTAL STRESSORS. These are the building blocks to releasing and retraining anyone's body and mind to handle and reduce stress on multi-dimensional levels. This 25 minute selection is an excellent option for when time is limited. Imagine the structural body, the tension in the immune system as well as the body's intelligence to re-harmonize your complete mind and body with simply doing nothing but listen and allow your body to relax and breath.

If you choose the 55 MINUTE SESSION, you will experience all 8 programs, automatically, one at a time, in order. Again, the 55 minute program begins with training relaxation of the underlying stressors of the mind and body that are included in the 25 minute session. The last 4 programs that play during this 55 minutes add the Eternale™ "beauty" elements to complete the process for a fuller experience. The idea is to rebalance and beautify the body from the inside out.

The Εternale™ Sound Experience

The system has been carefully designed to incorporate a mental relaxation philosophy that greatly enhances the Eternale™ process. The demands of modern life can result in an almost imperceptible level of shortened breath, muscle tension and mental stress, all of which can contribute to the appearance of aging. Each Eternale™ program includes optional stress reduction imagery that focuses on deep muscle relaxation, breathing oxygenation techniques and ideas that support a positive self image. Our philosophy is that beauty is a peaceful state of being that begins internally and radiates out, and that a relaxed and focused mind is a powerful component of overall wellbeing. Incorporating the use of your imagination during the process has been scientifically proven to have physical results. The Eternale™ Beauty System enables you to choose the amount of time in your day that you can dedicate to this process, be it 15 minutes or a full hour. You can even obtain the audio CD's separately for quick and peaceful "time outs" at the office or at home, or just simply relax to the same music without the words. We kept your freedom to choose in mind when designing the sound.

Each guided imagery is accompanied by original Eternale™ music that incorporates the "Solfeggio Tones". The Solfeggio Tones are rare musical notes whose powerful frequencies were "rediscovered" and celebrated by doctors of modern times. Each has a unique frequency associated with relaxing effects. We've carefully orchestrated the Solfeggio tones throughout the music and guided imagery to correspond to the nature of the content for an added component of vibrational relaxation. The Eternale™ Beauty System is a revolutionary integrated approach utilizing the most up to date research in creating beauty.

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