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It comes the latin word "to know"

The Future is Here...Step into the future with SCIO... Make the unknown, known

Just imagine an Energetic Body Scan in 3.5 minutes...


Applied Molecular Biology, Holistic Nutrition with the Technology of Quantum Biophysics

With over 25 years of research in the field of bioenergetic-response medicine, finally comes the most advanced Bio-Resonance device available. The Quantum Biofeedback Device, SCIO, is the largest integrative energetic medical software package in the world. With the following certifications:


MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2001

EN ISO13485 : 2003

MSZ EN ISO 13485 : 2002

It is capable of accurately assessing, evaluating and relieving energetic imbalances. It is used for:

  • stress detection and reduction
  • brain wave training
  • pain management and
  • muscle re-education.

It is able to find the underlying subconscious reasons for many psychosomatic illnesses. The cutting edge technology of the Quantum is the only biofeedback device that is a complete 3 dimensional loop.

The SCIO can help you reduce your stress and thus reduce allergies, food sensitivities, weight gain, digestive and bowel problems, lowered immune system, stress, chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression, arthritis, skin problems, chronic pain, headaches and migraines and much more.

Best of all, it can not only read these imbalances, but it can help balance them because it works on 55 separate channels simultaneously, 110 bits of information per millisecond, talking back and forth with your body making harmonizations as it goes. The best part is that it is noninvasive, comfortable and relaxing.

All harmonizations are made through the skin- nothing is internal. It does this through a TENS approach called Transcutaneous Electro Nerval Stimulation. It does this not through biochemistry the way traditional medicine does but through biophysics! This is quantum mechanics- once the physics of the body is balanced, the chemistry follows of its own accord. The Quantum scans energetically the body and assists in detailed assessment, helping harmonizing the body via homeopathic bio-resonance auto-frequencies.

In less than 3.5 minutes you can scan the following:

  • Hyperreactive food
  • Nutrition Profile
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Mineral Profile
  • Amino Acid Profile
  • Hormonal Profile
  • Environmental factors
  • Bioryhthms
  • Meridians
  • Mental Energy
  • Oxygenation
  • Hydration
  • Seretonin and other Neurotransmitters
  • Acid /Alkaline Balance
  • Allergy Tesing and Desensitization
  • Anti-Aging Profile
  • Metabolic Profile for Weight Loss
  • Spinal Profile
  • Emotional Profile
  • Toxicities (exposure to excess chemicals and heavy metals, eg mercury)
  • Trauma (incidents that inflict physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual pain)
  • Pathogens (bacteria, fungi, virii, parasites etc)
  • Most strained organs profile

And much more measuring over 10,000 different parameters of your body!

If you wish to purchase SCIO, you need to contact Dr. Violetta Anninou.