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Stress detection - Stress management - Stress reduction

Within each of us resides an innate wisdom that is beyond our conscious minds. The super-conscious mind integrates and responds to what we experience to maintain our optimal wellness.
Many mystics believe the dwelling place for this innate intelligence is within the third eye (in yogic philosophies called Ajna), which has strong associations in ancient writings with the color indigo. Modern science identifies the locus of this intelligence to be correlated with the master pituitary gland, hypothalmus and pineal - which sit just behind the mystical “third eye” center.

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The Indigo was created through years of research into the fields of bioenergetics, and utilizes similar scientific theories and technological knowledge as devices like the EEG, EKG, EMG, GSR, TVEP all of which measure the body electric in order to provide information to the client about the state of their health. The Indigo, however is gentler and less invasive to the body. It is the most accurate and sensitive technology of its kind for identifying stress reactions to over 10,000 trivector, voltametric algorithmic signatures stored in it’s database, such as those taken from nutritional items, emotional imponderable formulas, allersodes, toxins and more. The sophisticated wave-form generator also works to re-train harmony to the physical and emotional bodies by addressing aberrant stressful reactions to help you create more cohesive and coherent patterns. Indigo allows the practitioner to have greater access into the profile of stress; it is a powerful tool for stress reduction and restoration of vibrant wellness. Indigo assists you in reconnecting yourself to your own inner knowing; revealing your innate wisdom to assist in identifying where to make lifestyle change and which specific stress reactions to manage.

The human body does not come with an instructions manual. However, Indigo can provide the clues necessary to create self directed control, vitality and thriving.


Stress is created by any upset to our body’s equilibrium. It can come from a wide variety of sources including: deadlines, pressures, excess stimulation, lack of sleep, exercise and good nutrition, emotional trauma, physical injuries, illness, infections, and much more.

NIH research indicates that stress plays a role in at least 87% of all illness. Over a prolonged period stress can complicate such complex mental and physiological conditions as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Increased BP
  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Shortness of breath
  • Muscle tension
  • Excess perspiration
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Chronic fatigue/pain






Many epidemic disorders have strong correlations to unmanaged or prolonged stress: diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cancer, endocrine disturbances, and a variety of mental health disorders.

The INDIGO™ Biofeedback System builds upon major developments in the fields of bioenergetics, voltammetrics, quantum physics, homeopathy and more. It utilizes similar technologies as the MRI, CT Scan, EEG, ECG; all of which measure the body electric to provide information about the state of your health. The INDIGO™ is unique in the field of biofeedback because of its proprietary algorithmic formulas and VARHOPE measurements, which have been shown in clinical studies to be strongly correlated with the body’s improved ability to adapt to various forms of stress. The sophisticated waveform generator also works to re-train harmony to the physical and emotional bodies by addressing aberrant stressful reactions to help you create more cohesive and coherent patterns.


The INDIGO™ System utilizes five comfortable, conductive straps with sensors that measure Electro-Dermal Response on the wrists, ankles and forehead. It is accurate and sensitive enough to measure the EDR and electro-physiological reactivity of stress reactions to over 11,000 different trivector signatures which commonly interact with the human body. The results, which appear in the matrix of the INDIGO™ software interface, allow the practitioner to have greater access into the profile of stress factors pertinent to lifestyle and wellness.

Medical Journals indicate that biofeedback is an effective application for decreasing stress and improving quality of life in people diagnosed with health issues such as: hypertension, pain, anxiety, incontinence, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, asthma, chronic musculoskeletal disorders, migraines, depression and more.

Research suggests that stress plays a significant role in lowering quality of life for clients with such disorders by interfering with the innate healing mechanisms that help to restore appropriate balance to the body. The efficacy of biofeedback in addressing the stress components of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has also been promising.


  • Biofeedback Retraining for Frame of Mind
  • Physiological Response Retraining
  • Spinal and Muscular Re-education
  • Pain Programs
  • Trivector balancing
  • Signature Meridian Stress Reduction
  • Sport Performance Enhancement
  • Timed Training Programs for Stress Reduction
  • EEG/ ECG retraining
  • And much more...

Biofeedback is a relaxing, soothing and beneficial experience. Medical research shows that the benefits of biofeedback may include the following:

Meridian Signatures Program
  • Ability to relax more quickly and easily
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduction of stress, tension and nervousness
  • Improved general health and sense of well-being
  • Reduction of anger, fear, gloominess and apprehension
  • Heightened muscle mobility, flexibility and sport performance
  • Enhanced mental clarity, memory and attention
  • Decreased pain, fatigue, headaches

The INDIGO™ biofeedback system helps manage and retrain stress patterns, and educates you on crucial information about stress; empowering you to make lifestyle changes to support overall health and well-being.

Stress detection - Stress management - Stress reduction


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