The Love Diet Book

THE L♥VE DIET: The Body Wisdom System Guide

The Rejuvenating and Therapeutic Way to Follow the Wisdom of Your Body Holistically.

Your Health Treasure for Longevity

This unique guide will not only help you lose weight but will contribute to the enhancement of your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being for a better quality of life.

With this guide you do not have to tell your Chronological Age. How? The L♥ve Diet will show you how to reduce years from your Biological Age (at the cellular level) and make you show and feel younger (Psychological Age)

You will be informed about:

  • How to discover your Biochemical Individuality
  • How to improve your Basal Metabolic Rate
  • How to connect with the Wisdom of Your Body
  • How to lose weight easily, quickly, safely in a rejuvenating way
  • How to organize your mind (think thin) and structure your diet (act thin) to win the fat battle (eat thin)
  • How to avoid using foods as a substitute when you are not really hungry
  • How to improve your memory and concentration
  • How to increase serotonin for mind, body and spirit wellness
  • How to improve your immune system for self-healing
  • How to reduce symptoms such as constipation, heartburn, insomnia, headaches, P.M.S. (premenstrual syndrome), acne, allergies, cellulite and much more...
  • How to build Dynamic Health and learn the keys and secrets of beauty and vitality at the cellular level.

Dieting is temporary. The L♥ve Diet is forever.


The Love Diet book is delivered for free to all who attend the Quantum Biofeedback Session from Dr. Violetta Anninos.

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Anyone who is interested in buying the book in Greece, can order it at the price of 20€ (plus 5€ shipping cost). For other countries, payment is made via paypal (plus 5€ shipping cost). You can order the book here.