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Self Esteem

The following quote written by Eddie Condon is a powerful reminder about how words can affect our self esteem: “As it enters the ear, does it come in like broken glass or does it come in like honey”? The words that make up the sounds of a person’s environment have a direct connection between self worth, self love and self esteem. Low self esteem can affect men, woman and children from any race, demographic classing or geographical location. The following outlines an array of research conducted by experts in the field of self esteem and connects the positive sounds of the Eternale as a way to improve self esteem.

Research conducted by Dr. Tomatis, showcases that the sounds we hear first affect our body in balance and coordination. After the initial introduction of positive sound, the body is impacted in other areas such as having a general sense of well-being, inner peace and feeling a freedom that can help with both the reception and emission of information.

In addition, Elaine Sihera, a world known authority on emotional health has also studied the effects of auditory stimulation and self esteem. Sihera has found that words play a powerful role in either boosting our self esteem, self belief or self confidence. Further, words can affirm or validate our emotional sense of self and continue to resonate with us after long periods of time.

Because of this powerful connection between what we hear and our self esteem, it is important to take the time to reaffirm our self confidence and self love especially if we have been listening to a series of negative auditory stimulants. Verbal abuse is difficult to identify but it is documented that it is the most common type of abuse and has the longest lasting effects on self esteem and self confidence; what is being heard, has a direct connection to self esteem.

In addition, there is a link between stress and self esteem. If a person is struggling with self esteem, they are constantly seeking approval and acceptance. This perpetual existence of self doubt creates a cyclical inability to make decisions. This indecisiveness leads to an increase in stress. In a book published by the US government, defined stress as, “the value we place on ourselves”, in turn the Locus of control was identified as, “The perception of factors responsible to an outcome of an event. An individual with a high locus of control believes that his or her own actions caused the outcome of events”. Individuals with high locus levels have a more difficult time working through stressful situations.

The Eternale Rejuvenation System coaches you through a combination of musical and verbal auditory stimulus. A serious of positive phrases is gently spoken to the listener such as: “You are a special human being and it feels good to be you. You being in the world makes the world a better place to be”. In conjunction with these positive reinforcements that are embedded throughout an Eternale session, the device also works to relax the user. This double dose of positivity on both self esteem and stress reduction can help an individual learn how to cope with stress especially when low self esteem is an issue.

The Eternale Rejuvenation System functions on three levels: subtle energy micro-current and vibrations relax the physical body, guided imagery and visualizations improve mood, and specially orchestrated musical scores sounding the solfeggio tones bring the mind into a deep state of peace, connection and relaxation.

Start to walk the journey with the Eternale Rejuvenation System and get reacquainted with the importance of loving yourself.



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