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When preparing for major sporting events, coaches encourage athletes to work on entering “the zone” a state of consciousness in which athletes can enhance their concentration and eliminate stress to achieve peak performance. But stress is not limited to the field of sports. A major stress factor for students is taking exams and the fear of failure.

In a typical exam, there is a split second after the student has read a question whether they relax because they can answer it or panic because they cannot.  In the latter case, the heart rate increases, muscles tense and they start to sweat as anxiety sets in.  Being unable to rid oneself of the fear of failure, the student loses focus and cannot deal with the task at hand.

“MY MIND WENT BLANK” is a typical complaint.

The latest research studies from the top American Universities are now coaching students to improve memory, concentration, intelligence, super learning, and enhanced learning and on how to use BIOFEEDBACK to enable the mind and body to function in perfect harmony. QUANTUM BIOFEEDBACK gives students physiological information so that they can control their body responses to stress. A computer program shows the student their pulse rate and heart rate on the screen and how stress affects them.  The student is trained to recognize her own stress patterns (we all have biochemical individuality) and to consciously shift to a positive emotional state, which helps optimize their concentration, performance and endurance. Thus we can control our breathing, control our heart rate and relax.  Once the student is calm, stress and negative thoughts fade away and they are more likely to succeed in the exam.

Detect your stress, reduce your stress, manage your stress with INDIGO-QUANTUM BIOFEEDBACK The Best in Energetic Medicine.



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