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Quantum Biofeedback and Heart Health

Covid-19: Update for Protective Measures & Online Options

Learning to react to stress in a healthy way with Quantum Biofeedback helps alleviate depression symptoms

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

How to Combat Cellulite with Quantum Biofeedback

Dr. Violeta Anninou QX WORLD Conference

Summer Holidays

Office will be closed July 14th

The EDUCTOR-The Best in Computerized Integrative Quantum Medicine

Το άγνωστο γίνεται γνωστό μέσω Κβαντικής Βιο-Ανάδρασης

How to activate your four major neurotransmitters in the brain that influence your happiness?

Christmas Schedule

How to confront your blocked metabolism with Quantum Biofeedback

Computerized Integrative Quantum Medicine and Quantum Biology at Eductor

Sterling International Conference 2016 on Quantum Medicine in Athens - Greece 21st-23rd October 2016

Αντιμετώπιση χρόνιας κόπωσης και Αντιμετώπιση και έλεγχος ψυχοσωματικών παθήσεων με την Κβαντική Βιο-Ανάδραση

Dr. Violetta Anninou Official Sales Representative of QXSUBSPACE in Greece

Quantum Conference, 21-22 November 2015 at The Aquincum Hotel in Budapest

Quantum World Conference October 2015

Now is the time if you have an INDIGO or a SCIO to trade in for the new EDUCTOR

Post Graduate Study - Neuroanatomy, Neuroelectrophysiology and Quantum Biofeedback. SCIO device – foundation of Quantum Biofeedback

Quantum Biofeedback International Seminar

Α promotion just for half an hour of Quantum Biofeedback Relaxation with the Simply Indigo only 50 euros

Are you interested in an exciting Quantum Biofeedback Career?

SCIO International presents "EDUCTOR SCIO Advanced Conference"


VitalScan HRV is our new partner.

The office will be closed for the Easter holidays

Post Graduate Study entitled Neuroanatomy, Neuroelectrophysiology and Quantum Biofeedback

C.A.M. CONGRESS 23 – 28/4/2014, Info video

Dr Anninos is Gold Member of the board of practitioner therapists of IMUNE

C.A.M. CONGRESS April 23 – 28, 2014

Decoding the Matrix with SCIO / INDIGO / EDUCTOR

Μυστικά για Επιτυχία με το INDIGO/SCIO/EDUCTOR/Σάββατο 25/01/2014 στο QUANTUM IASIS

License in Quantum Biofeedback

Creative Integrative Medicine

Post Graduate Study entitled "Neuroanatomy, Neuroelectrophysiology and Quantum Biofeedback".SCIO device – foundation of Quantum Biofeedback

C.A.M. CONGRESS April 23 - 28, 2014

Early Bird Congress Special!

Quantum Biofeedback - Losing weight, strengthening the mind

6/11: Dr V. Anninos appearance on "Our health today" TV programme

C.E.U's Continuing Education CERTIFICATE from V.A.P. COLLEGE

9/10: Dr V. Anninos appearance on "Our health today" TV programme


Here’s How Chronic Stress May Be Making you Fat

Special Course Rates on Combined Online/Refresher Class

Hurry and take advantage if you buy a SCIO now or INDIGO All Online Courses are 50% Off!!! till June 21st.

Quantum Biofeedback of Internal and External Environmental Factors Analyzed via Quantum Biofeedback with the EDUCTOR/SCIO

The SCIO Device - Advanced Training / Dispozitivul SCIO - Curs Avansati

SCIO Device - Advanced Training accredited by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania / Dispozitivul SCIO - curs avansati acreditat de Universitatea de medicina si farmacie, Timisoara, Roamania

Quantum Congress Master

The Friday Focus Call: SuperMom and SuperPrac Balance with Violetta Anninou!

Neuroanatomy, Neuroelectrophysiology and Biofeedback. SCIO device – foundation of Bioresonance

The office will be closed March 16th to March 20

The office will be closed April 20th to May 8th

USA Congress of Quantum Masters


Dr. Pat Knox, a True Quantum Hero, talks about her Humanitarian Work and Quantum Medicine for Autism on QuantumWorld.tv

MEGA Christmas offer!

LIVE! 24 Hour WCQM Broadcast Marathon

Quantum Biofeedback: the professional choice with the best prospects

Keynote Speakers: Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Eric Pearl, and Dr. Amit Goswami at the World Congress of Quantum Medicine 2013

Christmas Promotion only for the INDIGO!

The office will be closed on Friday 30/11

World Congress 2012 Highlights with Dr. Paul Drouin

Clarity Tour by Adam Mandel

The office will be closed October 4 - October 11

The first international postgraduate study on biofeedback

Quantum Biofeedback Family membership

The office will be closed between August 14th till August 26th

Quantum Nutrition- Nutritional Neuroscience. Feed your Brain Right. How to Boost your Metabolism, Maximize the Power and the Science of Feeding your Brain and Body, Elevate your Mood, Improve Your Memory with the SCIO/Indigo Biofeedback System.

Appearance of Dr. Anninos on the TV show "Η ΥΓΕΙΑ ΣΤΑ ΧΕΡΙΑ ΜΑΣ"/Sunny Channel

Gage Tarrant in Greece!

Amsterdam Conference WELLNESS AND IMMUNITY

Mrs Anninos’ office will be will be closed between June 6th to 11th/The SCIO Device - Advanced Training event

Monthly newsletter from the The Quantum Alliance

Interesting information on congresses and INDIGO & Eternale biofeedback devices

Interesting information on congresses and INDIGO and Eternale biofeedback devices

February pricelist

March promotion

Congress of Quantum Masters & European Conference

Certifications for the CE MARK FOR THE INDIGO



CE MARC and Sales!

All new INDIGO sales in January give benefits for Congress

CONGRESS 11. Register Now!

INDIGO - PRICE CHANGE - 1 February 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Take advantage of our December Promotion!Only 17 days left!

Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology Quantum Biofeedback Conference and Post Graduate Studies, Timisoara, Romania

Only 2 weeks left!Take advantage of the October promotion!

Course in Neuroanatomy, Neuroelectrophysiology and Quantum Biofeedback

October promotion

Congress Registration, is OPEN!

1-year Free Membership with QBAA

Special offer of a full Scolarship

The annual conference of "The quantum Alliance"

Conference in Greece May 20th and May 21st

May Promotion

23-25 September 2011 - Copenhagen DENMARK

Annual Congress for The Quantum Alliance in Los Cabos Mexico

New book from Eva Delidaki “Doctor Tell Me! Is the Urologist an Andrologist? All You Need to Know”

Προγράμματα Εκπαίδευσης INDIGO

New Quantum Health Magazine for FREE!!

Do not lose the training of Quantum biofeedback on the 4th of December!

Christmas Holidays Offer!

November Promotion!!!

Scalar Wave Laser Presentation and Training Event in December!

World Congress of Quantum Medicine

"Energetic Medicine and the SCIO in depth" Seminar in October!

Clinical Study Number 2 Summary Report

Quit smoking once and for all!

The "Seeing is Believing" Webinar with Dr Paul Drouin on Quantum World TV FREE

1st Quantum Conference of Europe

QX World Conference 2010

Re-designed website launched!